Kaoota Tramway

Kaoota, Kingborough
Distance: 12km
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Getting There

Kaoota Tramway track can be accessed from Lawless Road and Kaoota Road.

This gently graded track meanders through varied bushland, including dry eucalypt forest and rainforest, following a section of the historic Kaoota Tramway. While large sections of the tramway are now in private ownership, Council has been able to develop 6 km for people to enjoy – its width and gradient perfect for walking or riding abreast. Constructed in 1906 , the 20 km long two-foot gauge tramway was used to transport coal from the mine at Kaoota to the wharf at Margate. After coal mining ceased the tramway was used to transport logs, fruit and passengers. The line was dismantled in 1922 after bushfires destroyed several bridges. Keep a lookout for historic relics, such as railway sleepers, rails and coal spills.

Please use Pelverata Road from Sandfly to access the top entrance to the track. Do not use the road coming up from Allens Rivulet as it is unsealed, narrow and has poor visibility. Can be combined with Nierinna Creek Track by walking down Lawless Road to the entrance of Nierinna Creek Track. Margate Rivulet Track follows on from near the bottom of Nierinna Creek Trac

ActivitySuggested TimeDifficulty
WalkingHalf day
Bike RidingHalf day
Mountain BikingHalf day🟢
Horse RidingHalf day

Track Features

Walking with dogsParking

Dogs allowed on lead.

Safety Precautions

Horse Riding

Plan your visit

Leave No Trace is an internationally accepted way of minimising impacts on the places we visit. Respect wildlife, be considerate with others, dispose your waste properly.

Be prepared for the walk. Plan your trip ahead, bring enough water, check the alerts, and make sure you are comfortable with the difficulty rating.

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Track contacts

Track managed by Kingborough Council
Kingborough Council

If you have any questions, feedback or updates regarding this track please contact the track manager at the Kingborough Council by phone on 03 6211 8200 or by email to kc@kingborough.tas.gov.au. For urgent communications please contact us by phone.