Gould's Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary

Granton, Glenorchy
Distance: 2.5km
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Getting There

From Main Road turn onto Hestercombe Road and follow the lagoon edge around to the carpark and viewing platform.

Take a gentle stroll around the thriving sanctuary that is Gould's Lagoon, and quietly sneak along the boardwalk to the bird hide. Gould's Lagoon was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 at the request of the then owner Arthur Gould. The wildlife sanctuary, ringed by native habitat and grasslands, hosts hundreds of species. Over one hundred species of birds have been observed within the Lagoon, making it one of the best birdwatching spots in the Hobart Region. When the climate dries on mainland Australia, many rare species can be found taking refuge at this permanent lagoon.

How many species of animals can you see? Listen for the lorikeets noisily chatting away in the trees, the ducks complaining about the sunny weather, and spot the cormorants teetering on the poles trying to drying their wings.

This trail can be retraced to the carpark, walked along Hestercombe Road, or alternately linked into the Whitestone Point trail for a longer coastal experience.

ActivitySuggested TimeDifficulty
WalkingUnder 2 hours

Track Features

Wheelchair accessiblePramsParking

Wheelchairs and prams can access the bird viewing platform.


No DogsNo BikesNo Horses

This is a wildlife sanctuary and dogs are strictly on leash only.

Safety Precautions

Road crossing

Plan your visit

Leave No Trace is an internationally accepted way of minimising impacts on the places we visit. Respect wildlife, be considerate with others, dispose your waste properly.

Be prepared for the walk. Plan your trip ahead, bring enough water, check the alerts, and make sure you are comfortable with the difficulty rating.

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Track contacts

Track managed by Glenorchy City Council
Glenorchy City Council

If you have any questions, feedback or updates regarding this track please contact the track manager at the Glenorchy City Council by phone on 03 6216 6800 or by email to gccmail@gcc.tas.gov.au. For urgent communications please contact us by phone.