Gentle Annie Falls Circuit

Waterworks Reserve, Dynnyrne, Hobart
Distance: 1.3km
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Getting There

Ride a bike or drive your car to near Site 9 in the Waterworks Reserve to the start of the walk.

A short, loop walk through open bushland and past a ‘dry waterfall’. Gentle Annie Falls is not an actual waterfall but a hand-cut channel in natural sandstone that was used to direct water into the Waterworks reservoirs. The ‘falls’ have been dry since the water was re-directed into the higher level Ridgeway Reservoir in the 1940s.

The walk begins with a short steep climb that brings you quite quickly to the base of Gentle Annie Falls. Steps cut into the stone and a hand-rail help you ascend to the top of the rock outcrop. After climbing back down follow the track through open forest before crossing Sandy Bay Rivulet and emerging at the Upper Reservoir.

ActivitySuggested TimeDifficulty
WalkingUnder 2 hours

Track Features

ToiletsParkingDrinking waterPicnic areaLookout


No DogsNo HorsesNo Bikes

Due to significant fauna values and the drinking water catchment area in the Waterworks Reserve, dogs are prohibited from walking this track.

Plan your visit

Leave No Trace is an internationally accepted way of minimising impacts on the places we visit. Respect wildlife, be considerate with others, dispose your waste properly.

Be prepared for the walk. Plan your trip ahead, bring enough water, check the alerts, and make sure you are comfortable with the difficulty rating.

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Track contacts

Track managed by City of Hobart
City of Hobart

If you have any questions, feedback or updates regarding this track please contact the track manager at the Hobart City Council by phone on 03 6238 2886 or by email to For urgent communications please contact us by phone.