To make the most of your time using the trails please consider the following:

Plan ahead and prepare

  • For longer walks, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • For walks at high altitude, always prepare for extreme weather, hazards and emergencies.
  • Observe the regulations regarding dogs, horses and bikes.


All natural water sources are subject to local habitat contamination and may not meet health authority guidelines for drinking. It is good practice to carry your own water.


Many bushland reserves are closed during periods of predicted extreme or catastrophic fire danger. Check the Tasmanian Fire Service website before entering a bushland reserve to see what the predicted fire weather is for the day. Note that the closure of Wellington Park includes closure to Pinnacle Road.

During summer or on days of Total Fire Ban, visitors should take extra precautions. Activities in remote areas should be carefully planned and include a strategy for promptly leaving the bushland reserve when necessary. Visitors are also advised to take a battery-powered radio or other means of receiving emergency information. In the event of a bushfire, people should exit the reserve quickly via the safest route.

Track difficulty ratings

Very easy

Concrete or hotmix pathway suitable for wheelchair users and people pushing prams, families with young children and learner riders. Mostly flat.


Well-formed gravel tracks or fire trails. Suitable for wheelchair users with assistance, people pushing prams, families with young children. Gentle hills.


Gravel or earthen track with undulating terrain. May have short steep hills. Recommended for people with some walking, cycling, MTB riding and horse riding experience.


Likely to be a single trail with moderate gradients, variable surface and obstacles. May have arduous climbs and steep sections. Recommended for experienced bushwalkers, MTB riders.

Very difficult

Steep and difficult. Recommended for very experienced bushwalkers and highly skilled MTB riders.