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Browse the alphabetical list for specific tracks.

  Track name Distance Locality


Alum Cliffs Track

6.0km Kingborough

Amy St Reserve

1.0km Glenorchy


Barossa Creek

0.8km Glenorchy

Battery Point Sculpture Trail

2.0km Hobart

Berriedale Foreshore

0.5km Glenorchy

Bicentennial Park and Lambert Park

2.9km Hobart

Bicentennial Track

1.5km Derwent Valley

Blessington Track & Cape Deliverance

3.4km Clarence

Blowhole Track

1.0km Kingborough

Boronia Beach Track

2.0km Kingborough

Brickfields Track

1.0km Kingborough

Bridgewater Foreshore Trail

5.2km Brighton

Brinktop Reserve & Richmond Park Track

3.0km Clarence


Cascade Walking Track

2.4km Hobart

Charles Darwin Trail

12.0km Clarence

Circle Track

1.2km Hobart

City to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Loop

6.7km Hobart

Clarence Coastal Trail – Cremorne to Mays Beach

5.7km Clarence

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Bellerive Beach to Howrah

3.1km Clarence

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Geilston Bay to Howrah (full track)

14.5km Clarence

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Geilston Bay to Lindisfarne

3.5km Clarence

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Kangaroo Bay to Bellerive Beach

2.0km Clarence

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Lindisfarne to Montagu Bay

2.6km Clarence

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Montagu Bay to Kangaroo Bay

3.3km Clarence

Clarence Mountain Bike Park

12.0km Clarence

Classic Urban Parks

3.4km Hobart

Coningham Clifftop Track

3.8km Kingborough

Conneware Bay to Windermere Beach

2.0km Glenorchy

Cornelian Bay to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

2.6km Hobart


Derwent Cliffs Walk

2.2km Derwent Valley


Fern Glade Circuit

1.7km Hobart

Fern Tree Park to Silver Falls (return)

1.7km Hobart

Fern Tree to Neika

4.4km Hobart

Fern Tree to The Springs Loop

3.9km Hobart

Fern Tree to Wellington Falls

12.7km Hobart

Fishermans Walk

0.2km Derwent Valley


GASP! Elwick Bay

3.2km Glenorchy

Gentle Annie Falls Circuit

1.3km Hobart

Giblins Reserve

0.5km Glenorchy

Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park

10.0km Glenorchy

Goulds Lagoon Sanctuary

1.0km Glenorchy


Historic Battery Point

5.8km Hobart

Hobart Rivulet Park

2.7km Hobart

Hobart to the Pinnacle

14.2km Hobart


Intercity Cycleway

15.6km Hobart/Glenorchy


Jim Bacon Recreation Walk

1.2km Glenorchy

Jordan River Trail

4.5km Brighton


Kaoota Tramway

12.0km Kingborough

Kettering Point Track

1.0km Kingborough

Kingborough Mountain Bike Park

3.0km Kingborough


Lauderdale to Seven Mile Beach Track

3.3km Clarence

Lauderdale Wetlands Track

0.7km Clarence

Lenah Valley to the Pinnacle Loop

17.0km Hobart

Lutana Woodlands

0.7km Glenorchy


Margate Rivulet Track

4.0km Kingborough

Mt Direction Track

3.9km Clarence

Myrtle Forest

0.7km Glenorchy


N.R. Pierce Reserve - Goat Hills

20.0km Glenorchy

Natone Hill Circuit Track

2.7km Clarence

New Norfolk Esplanade

1.0km Derwent Valley

New Town Rivulet Track

7.5km Hobart

Nierinna Creek Track

6.2km Kingborough

North South Track

11.0km Hobart/Glenorchy


O’Gradys Falls

2.2km Hobart

Old Beach Foreshore Trail

2.0km Brighton

Organ Pipes Circuit

9.2km Hobart


Peter Murrell Reserves and Coffee Creek Track

0.0km Kingborough

Pinnacle to Zig Zag Track Lookout Loop

1.4km Hobart

Pipeline Track - Fern Tree to Waterworks Reserve

3.1km Hobart

Poimena Reserve

3.0km Glenorchy


Reservoirs Circuit - Waterworks Reserve

2.6km Hobart

Risdon Brook Track

4.3km Clarence

Riverside Drive Foreshore Trail

2.7km Brighton

Rosny Hill Circuit Track

2.8km Clarence


Sandy Bay Foreshore

1.6km Hobart

Shag Bay Track

1.9km Clarence

Snug Falls Track

4.0km Kingborough

South Arm Peninsula Trail

4.5km Clarence

Summit Loop - Knocklofty Reserve

4.0km Hobart

Suncoast Headlands Track

3.0km Kingborough

Swan Park Trail

1.4km Brighton


Taroona Foreshore Track

3.0km Kingborough

The Springs to Lenah Valley

7.1km Hobart

The Springs to Milles Track Lookout

2.8km Hobart

The Springs to Pinnacle Loop

8.2km Hobart

The Springs to Sphinx Rock Loop

2.7km Hobart

The Springs to the Pinnacle

3.4km Hobart

The Springs to Wellington Falls via Milles Track

6.5km Hobart

Tinderbox Hills Track

3.6km Kingborough

Tip Top Track

1.5km Hobart

Truganini Track

2.1km Hobart


Zig Zag Track

1.9km Glenorchy